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Sand plum jam ~ 9.5 oz

Country Girl Jam by Kayterra Farms



*Limited Edition Flavor* ~ Grown on one of our family farms in Oklahoma and picked by hand at harvest.. This is another truly old fashioned Southern flavor and because of limited supply of plums sells out very quickly.. Sand plums are grown on a medium sized shrub native to Oklahoma that have huge and plentiful thorns… Most farmers and ranchers consider them a nuisance because they can rapidly take over a pasture if not properly managed…. But… Tangy sweet and a reddish orange in color, this jam is unlike anything you have eaten!! Unless you are an Oklahoma native like me! I grew up helping my dad pick these off the side of the road down by the lake as a child… helped my mom cook them in big copper bottomed pans on the stove and helped her crush the juice from them with a handheld pestal and strainer as this is a stone fruit but they don’t get big enough to de-seed (like cherries do)… Makes a plate of biscuits disappear instantly or an interesting substitution for Concord Grape jam on PB&J Sandwiches! All our products are made with fruit as the primary ingredient and less sugar and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives!


Ingredients: Sand plum juice & pulp, sugar, pectin, lemon, butter, salt, citric acid

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