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Spicy pickled okra

Country Girl Jam by Kayterra Farms



Introducing our sensational Spicy Garlic Pickled Okra, the original rendition preceding our top-selling Garlic Pickled Okra. Crafted with Aunt Stella's signature brine and imbued with a zesty medley of spices, this delectable creation boasts a flavor explosion that keeps customers craving more. While our Spicy Garlic Pickled Okra maintains its fiery reputation, it's fascinating to note that it edges out its garlic counterpart by only a slim margin, a testament to its unwavering popularity among our discerning clientele.

A true superstar in our product lineup, this pickled okra flies off the shelves every time we showcase it at events. What sets it apart is its impeccable texture—unlike some recipes that result in slimy okra, ours retains its crispness, maintaining its delightful crunch even after undergoing our meticulous cooking process. Get ready to experience pickled perfection like never before!

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