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What's the dillio pickle - chips only 16oz

Country Girl Jam by Kayterra Farms




Introducing "What's the Dillio" pickle CHIPS—a quirky addition to our pickle family, brought to you by a founder who's also a bit of a dork (in the best way possible)! Made with Aunt Stella's signature brine—a cherished family recipe passed down through generations—these dill pickles are a testament to simplicity, crafted with only the finest ingredients: cucumbers, vinegar, dill weed, dill seed, and salt.

Get ready for a robust dilly punch with every bite! These pickles may just transport you back to grandma's kitchen, evoking memories of homemade creations brimming with flavor and nostalgia.

Crafted in small batches of 70 jars at a time, we ensure that each pickle stays true to its roots without the need for chemical additives like calcium chloride. Our meticulous process guarantees an authentic taste that's sure to delight.

So, what's the dillio? It's all about savoring the goodness of our Aunt Stella's brine pickles—made with care, humor, and a whole lot of dorkiness! With each jar, you're getting a taste of tradition and quality that's uniquely ours.

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